BLACKPINK Stuns In Commercial For Samsung Galaxy A

They’re killing it with their insane visuals.

BLACKPINK has just launched their new commercial for Samsung’s Galaxy A series of smartphones. The girls have famously been Samsung’s brand ambassadors, gracing the Samsung Galaxy A Event in Bangkok last month.

Now, the girls have blessed BLINKs with a new commercial showcasing the latest Samsung Galaxy A phone.

The commercial starts with the girls messing around with Samsung’s latest phone while practicing their moves for “Kill This Love”.

Thousands of BLINKs worldwide are seen taking up the “Kill This Love” dance challenge by posting their own dance covers online–with the Samsung Galaxy A, of course.

The video ends off with BLACKPINK gushing over the amazing dance covers just before they take the stage themselves.

The girls are simply killing it with their visuals in here! You can watch the full video down below.