BlackSwan covers MAMAMOO’s “Piano Man”

On January 20th, Nextar Entertaiment’s upcoming girl group duo BlackSwan delivered fans with their own rendition of MAMAMOO’s latest hit “Piano Man.”

Their rendition of “Piano Man” follows other covers of tracks such as “Price Tag,” “Only Wanna Give it to You” and “Singing Got Better” as the two members Jessie and EB once again impress fans with their steady vocal and rap skills.

Filmed in black and white, the video features the two members sitting together and one behind another during their respective parts. In the name of the track, the two sit in a room decorated with various instruments such as keyboards and guitars.

Rapper EB surprises listeners with her strong singing voice and soft harmonies. Main vocalist Jessie showcases her effortless high notes and groovy ad libs while giving off an adorable expression to the camera. EB’s rap gives BlackSwan’s rendition of “Piano Man” a unique twist.

The two girls cheerfully perform this rendition as they get viewers excited for BlackSwan’s official debut.

Check it out here: