BlackSwan’s Jessie covers Ailee’s “Singing Got Better”

On December 31st, Nextar Entertainment’s upcoming girl group BlackSwan shared another video in their BlackSwan’s Music Box webseries highlighting member Jessie’s powerful vocals in her cover of Ailee’s “Singing Got Better.”

Previous installments of the webseries featured the two girls covering Jessie J’s “Price Tag” and rapper EB’s “Let Me Introduce.” Now, it is Jessie’s time to shine with her impressive cover of Ailee’s hit track.

The video is a simple one, showing a few different angles of Jessie singing into a microphone. Although the lighting of the video is somewhat dark, fans can still see her colorful facial expressions while she performs.

Challenging the difficult song, the vocalist does not back away from the high notes. Her clear tone and sensitive vibratos bring a refreshing spin to “Singing Got Better.” Commenters have left positive reviews and encouragement for her, applauding her vocal talent even before debut.

BlackSwan is set to debut in 2015 and has generated much anticipation with their BlackSwan’s Music Box videos.

Take a listen to her impressive rendition here: