Block B reveals second teaser video for “Conduct ZERO”

Block teases their fans for a possible comeback with a second teaser video for “Conduct ZERO.”

In what seems to be a possible comeback, Seven Seasons revealed the first teaser video for Block B on April 2nd. The next day, Seven Seasons continued with a second teaser video which proved to be very similar to the first.

Both of the teaser videos include the same background music which consists of an orchestra playing music. No lyrics are spoken in the video as before, and no information has been revealed about a comeback. However, Block B continues to hint fans with the repeated audio clip for two days in a row.

Compared to the first video, Block B’s second teaser video moves away from the retro look and draws Block B’s logo over stone which chips away, revealing the words “Conduct ZERO” underneath.

Check out the video below: