Block B sub-unit BASTARZ gets down and dirty in video teaser for “Conduct ZERO”

On April 9th, Block B sub-unit BASTARZ revealed the first video teaser for their debut, “Conduct ZERO.”

Consisting of members P.O, B-Bomb, and U-Kwon, the sub-unit teased fans with group image teasers after revealing the sub-unit lineup.

Now, fans get a tease of the intense and mature concept the sub-unit will be debuting with. Although they gave off cheerful and chic images in the previous teasers, this upbeat hip hop track shows quite a different scene.

With track itself has a heavy beat and rough rap that goes well with the colorful yet unorthodox music video teaser.

Among scenes of dances and colorful kimonos, women dressed in nothing but sexy underwear and plastic transparent jackets hack away at bloody body parts upon an operating table.

“Conduct ZERO” is expected to be released on April 14th.

Check out their teaser here: