Block B teases possible comeback in mysterious video “Conduct ZERO”

In a surprise upload on April 2nd, Seven Seasons revealed a short Block B video titled “Conduct ZERO (品行ZERO),” leaving fans guessing what could be coming up for Block B in the exciting new year.

With an orchestral triumphant song, the new 10-second video flashes between Block B’s logo and “Conduct ZERO,” revealing no other information, similar to images posted the day before.

The teasing began on April 1st when various Block B SNS accounts uploaded an image of the Block B logo against a black background with “Conduct ZERO” printed across the logo and yellow, blue, and red coloring splattered. Leader Zico also proceeded to tease fans on Twitter with a still image from the movie Conduct Zero.

With no previous announcements or explanations, fans have been left confused and have begun speculating the purpose of the new updates.

There are high hopes for a Block B comeback, with B-Bomb posting a non-specific Instagram update “Filming over-!!!“; unfortunately, this could also be a reference to the end of filming the web drama Jumping Girl, set to air in April. However, with Block B’s 4th anniversary drawing near, there are also expectations for a comeback because their previous album was originally set for a mid-April release, although it was delayed respectfully for the Sewol tragedy. In addition, with Zico’s tweet, fans are guessing their comeback concept could be based off the movie. This album would come following Taeil’s recent release of “Shaken” and Zico’s second single, “Well Done.”

There is also the possibility that the video is a teaser for their upcoming Block B Japan Live Tour 2015 in May, which is also called Warugaki Showdown Z. Scheduled to make stops in Tokyo and Osaka, this will be their second tour across Japan, although it is their first tour since making their official Japanese debut earlier this year. The Japan tour comes following the recent completion of the Block B Block Party in Europe, where they stopped in Paris, Helsinki, Warsaw, and Milan in February and March.

However, since the first teaser was released on April 1st KST, many fans have also been hesitant in raising their hopes, assuming that the short nondescriptive teasers could just be pranks.


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Source: Block B Japan, OBS News, and Viva 100