Block B’s Taeil to make solo debut with “Shaken”

On March 25th, Block B’s Taeil unveiled a video teaser for his upcoming solo debut single, “Shaken.”

Following the successful solo debut of group mate Zico, Taeil is the next to take center stage as a solo act. To announce and excite fans about his upcoming release, the star has already shared a jacket cover and the first video teaser for his song.

The jacket cover shows a peaceful, bright image. With a green field of dandelions as the foreground, the background features the radiant, shining sun. The simple album cover gives off a warm and welcoming feeling, perhaps hinting that fans can expect a similar feeling in the track itself.

As for the video teaser, the romantic storyline highlights female actress Nam Ji Hyun as she youthfully plays around the art studio. Whether hiding her face, biking around, or teasing the camera, her smiling expression captures the heart of viewers along the jazzy and soulful piano background. This short clip leads fans to anticipate the next hints that Taeil will reveal.

The song title, literally “Shaken,” describes the feelings of starting to feel attracted to someone. The artist is reported to have worked with 40 in the production of this track, adding on to the already high excitement fans have for “Shaken.”

The second teaser will be released on March 26th at 6PM KST and his solo track will drop on March 27th.

Until then, check out the first video teaser below:

Source: Block B Weibo and OSEN