Block B’s Taeil showcases impressive and soulful vocals in “Shaken”

On March 27th, Block B’s Taeil officially made his solo debut with the release of his track, “Shaken.”

With Nam Ji Hyun playing the female lead, the music video is sweet and lovely to watch just like the two video teasers previously released. Although she enters the scene with a prance in her step and smiling expression, the mood makes a dramatic shift by the end of the song.

Nam Ji Hyun strolls around the art studio, observing the different prints and works while holding onto a bouquet of flowers and bag. Despite her simple look in a loose fitting t-shirt and jeans, her refreshing look goes well with the abstract art studio.

Fans have praised Taeil for his emotionally soulful and smooth vocals. The track has a powerful piano accompaniment with a jazzy feeling. His dramatic high notes and moving ad libs toward the end of the song are particularly impressive

Take a look at the music video here: