Block B’s Zico and Girl’s Day’s Sojin team up in new OST for SBS’s drama “Mask”

Block B’s Zico and Girl’s Day’s Sojin are lending their voices to SBS‘s latest hit drama Mask with the OST track “Sick.” 

With Zico’s powerful rap and Sojin’s mature voice, the ballad captures the emotions of a scorned lover who must hate the only one they loved. The music video features leading actress and actor Su Ae and Ju Ji Hoon and tells the story of their star-crossed fate as the two search to find love in a twisted Prince and the Pauper tale.

Zico and Sojin join a list of respected singers for this OST, including R&B powerhouse singer Lyn and popular band Ulala Session who have lent their voices to the soundtrack.

Listen to the passionate collaboration and take a look at the music video below.