BoA gives short audio preview to tracks “Home” and “Smash”

With less than a week left until the release of her 8th studio album Kiss My Lips, singer BoA shares two short audio previews with fans.

Introducing the tracks “Home” and “Smash” with a 12-second highlight video, they show the wide range in genre that BoA is able to sing. While “Home” is a mid-tempo ballad track, “Smash” is a more upbeat and exciting track.

She takes part in both the songs’ composition and lyricist, with “Home” also composed and arranged by The Underdogs, Patrick ‘J. Que’ Smith, Tiffany Fred, and Dewain Whitmore, while Kim Tae Sung, Jake K, Andreas Oberg with additional arrangement by Shaun is credited for “Smash.”

Kiss My Lips will be available in full on May 12th, while the pre-released track “Who Are You” is already receiving a lot of positive feedback from music listeners, charting behind BIGBANG in several real-time charts.