[★VIDEO] BoA is a graceful beauty for “Grazia” magazine

A video documenting BoA’s “Monodrama” photo-shoot for the cover of the December issue of Grazia magazine has been released. 

BoA’s timeless beauty is caught in motion as the camera captures the various angles of the superstar while she models for the magazine. Teasing close-up shots of her long, lean legs and toned arms seamlessly blend in with shots of her full body and face.

A slow, melodic sound accompanies the video as BoA lounges in an apartment, relaxing and lost in her thoughts as the sunlight streams past the green leaves of a tree and through the large windows of the room.

Although BoA varies her outfits throughout the shoot, her loose but comfortable outfits, along with her soft, flowing hair and natural make up create a sweet and comfortable atmosphere that accentuates BoA’s soft and feminine beauty.

In other news, BoA has been busy, having celebrated her 28th birthday on November 5th among her current activities. BoA has also been working as an actress, with her Hollywood debut in Make Your Move earlier this year, and with her new movie, Big Matchwhich is set to be released in December 2014. She’s also been working on her self-written 38th Japanese single “Fly,” which will also be released in December.

Stay tuned for more pictures from BoA’s gorgeous December pictorial with Grazia magazine!