BoA reveals she never rested for 14 years in recent interview

In a recent interview with TV Report, BoA talks about her feelings regarding her upcoming 15th anniversary and reflects on her life.On November 25th, TV Report sat down with BoA who is currently starring in the upcoming movie Big Match alongside stars such as Lee Jung Jae, Shin Ha Kyun, and Lee Sung Min.

TV Report asked her how she feels being in the last year of her twenties and whether she was satisfied with her life thus far, to which she replied, “I don’t really think much about age. It doesn’t really mean much to me. I lived life without regrets. I was busy, worked, started acting and even tried being a judge. I think I spent it well.”

Next year BoA will turn 30 years old and that year will also mark her 15th anniversary since her debut under SM Entertainment. Since then she has gone on to have many successful debuts internationally, most notably in Japan and the U.S. She has also delved her hand in acting and was a judge in SBS‘s K-Pop Star. She has tirelessly worked for 14 years and says, “I have never rested more than 2 weeks for the last 14 years. If I wanted to I could, but I can’t. I always work like a cow but I don’t feel exhausted. It’s become part of everyday life.”

BoA also mentioned how she has subsequently spent half her life as a celebrity and how she can’t even remember her life as a non-celebrity. She’s quoted, “It’s normal for someone in their 30’s not to remember their elementary school days I guess. I just hope the next 10 years is without regrets like my 20’s.”

Meanwhile, her costar Lee Jung Jae has praised her acting skills and said that she could definitely make a career out of acting if she wanted to. Big Match is set to be released on November 27th in Korea.

Source: TV Report