BoA talks about trying out blind dates and more on #hashtag

BoA featured in the 61st episode of 1theK‘s #hashtag for her 8th studio album release, explaining the meaning behind her latest hit songs.

The popular female soloist explained the idea behind “Who Are You,” revealing that many Koreans go on blind dates and she wanted to give off the feeling of a a fun spin off from the concept. She further mentioned that she had no wish to feature in her music video as it would be distracting, and instead opted to make a cameo appearance.

She then revealed that she is interested in going on a blind date but is much too well-known to try it now.

BoA further explained that it was her idea to produce her album, jokingly adding that she almost regretted it but is happy with the results as each song now feels like her own child. Answering fans’ questions, she shared her wishes to go around the world and vacation for a year, to go skydiving, to see the beautiful auroras, and more.

Watch the full interview below, complete with English subtitles: