Boyfriend announces comeback with Youngmin and Kwangmin image and video teaser

Male idol group Boyfriend is making a comeback with their 4th mini-album in early March, and has shared a photo of the lovely and handsome twins as a first teaser.

Against red velvet drapes, Yongmin and Kwangmin wear similar suits with a strange but appealing pattern, their outfits only differing in colors of the coat and inside jacket with reversed colors. With their red-orange blazing, but neatly styled hair, the twins look at the camera with an intense charisma.

Along with the image came an image video teaser as well that portrays five cards face down. One of the playing cards teasingly reveals and flips itself over to share the same image of the twins mentioned above, an exciting trumpet melody playing in the background.

Boyfriend will be releasing their 4th mini-album — currently unnamed — on March 5th. Stay tuned to Koreaboo as more information is released!