Boyfriend reveals “The Look” fashion film with Minwoo

Boyfriend’s Minwoo displays a mature image of himself in a collaboration video with Customellow for “The Look” fashion film.

After revealing the other members KwangminJeongmin, Donghyun, and Hyunseong‘s fashion film clips Starship Entertainment continued displaying each of the members charms and revealed Minwoo’s clip.

Teaming up with the fashion brand, Customellow, the members of Boyfriend each pose in the brand’s clothing while at the same time displaying their charisma.

In his individual promotional video, Minwoo returns with the rose that was previously seen in the other members’ videos as well. Even though he is the youngest member, Minwoo shows his mature side in the pictorial while posing handsomely with the rose. Much like the other members, Minwoo also puts on a suit while saying the same words, “You are the heroes. Customellow…and we are Boyfriend.”