Boyfriend x Customellow releases third fashion film for Hyunseong

With Boyfriend‘s recent comeback, they have teamed up with fashion brand Customellow to demonstrate each member’s unique style and fashion sense through The Look fashion film. This time, the collaboration features member Hyunseong.

Previously, Boyfriend has already released two other fashion films with Customellow for members Donghyun and Jeongmin.

In this fashion film, Customellow highlights Hyunseong’s sharp features with a clean cut pinstriped suit and tie as the video flashes between monochrome and colored shots.

Because of the group’s recent promotions, Hyunseong’s hair has taken on a pink hue with dark undertones and white blonde highlights. In order to exemplify this recent change, the fashion film is shot with a color-muting filter to accentuate his hair color. A large flower that sports the same muted, pink hue is used as prop to complement the color scheme. In order to create a dramatic focal point, Hyunseong’s dark eye makeup pulls the viewer in and captures a sophisticated aura juxtaposed with the refined pink hue.

Toward the end of the video, Hyunseong’s deep voice comes through the background music as he says “You are the heroes. Customellow…and we are Boyfriend.”

Recently, Boyfriend just made their comeback with “Witch” and won their first music show trophy on “The Show” on November 11th. In addition, they released the music video to their B-track “White Out” along with a second version of “Witch” featuring scenes from “Wolves.”  It was also announced that Boyfriend will be holding their first domestic concert since their debut in 2011 which will be titled Bewitch and will be performing “The First Chapter” at the Seoul Olympic Hall on November 23rd at 5:00pm.