Boys Republic performs in hanboks on the beach for special “The Real One” dance version

Boys Republic sent their new year greetings through their web show Boys TV News and released a special dance version of “The Real One” as they performed the choreography on the sandy shore in hanboks.

The five member group demonstrated their dedication to the special shoot as they are seen up early in the morning in order to perform at the seashore with the rising sun in the middle of Winter. They first make New Year’s wishes as the sun appears on the horizon before they abandon their heavy coats to perform the song’s sharp choreography.

Although viewers can sense the low temperatures that Boy’s Republic dances in, the group seems unfazed and performs the dance with great charisma.

They wrap up the day with bright New Year’s greetings as they thank fans for their continuous love and support! Previously, Boys Republic also released a unique “microscopic” version of their latest comeback track “The Real One.”