Boys Republic reveals “microscopic” version of “The Real One”

Boys Republic releases the “microscopic” version of their newest music video, “The Real One.”

As opposed to the dance off in a classic scenery for their music video, Boys Republic completely changes their concept in the “microscopic” version of “The Real One.” In the newest version of their music video, the scenery changes into a work office.

The members are carrying on with their daily business until their song, “The Real One” begins to play in the background. In individual shots, the members each evoke laughter by putting on a funny face and searching for the source of the sound. After each scene, the video fades out, eventually leading to the dance and music of the song.

Boys Republic performs their dance while wearing their work clothing and holding on to office supplies. During the course of their dance, the members begin to loosen their uniforms and create a more comfortable atmosphere. They use this in order to show that they want to reveal their true selves and not feel restricted in their work clothes and jobs.

After the boys finish off their dance, they once again bring up more humor by showing the bloopers during their filming.

Check it out below!