Boys Republic wishes Sungjun happy birthday on “Boys TV News”

Boys Republic‘s Sungjun celebrates his 23rd birthday with his fellow members on the latest episode of “Boys TV News.”

On the most recent episode of their short YouTube series, “Boys TV News,” Boys Republic celebrated Sungjun’s 23rd birthday. Beginning with heartfelt messages, video expresses the members’ sincerest wishes through a short birthday message.

The members then commence to play around while their filming for their music video, “Real Talk.” The episode of “Boys TV News” shows Sungjun attempting to display his magic skills to his fans. With his magician outfit and hat, Sungjun makes air freshener appear from thin air.

After a long day of filming for their music video, the members who pretended not to celebrate his birthday brought a cake down to Sungjun to make a wish. Showing his gratitude towards his members, Sungjun humbly accepted the cake and also left a small birthday video message to himself in the end.

Check out the “Boys TV News” episode here:

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