Boys Republic’s OneJunn shares acoustic version of “Dress Up” for White Day

As a White Day present for all their fans, Boys Republic‘s OneJunn gifted them with an acoustic version to their track “Dress Up.”

On March 14th, OneJunn’s acoustic version of “Dress Up” was uploaded to their official YouTube channel as a gift to all of their supportive fans in honor of White Day. White Day is a day where the men give women gifts as a form of repayment for the presents they received on Valentines Day. In the video the idol is seen playing the piano while calmly singing, and sharing his soothing voice with everyone. In contrast to their original song, OneJunn’s rendition is more serene where as the original is fun and upbeat.

Aside from OneJunn’s acoustic release, Boys Republic member Minsu had surprised fans with the release of his “S.O.S” music video back in February. Minsu and fellow member Sung Jun also held an event called Black and White Story Party, and released the video of it on February 27th featuring their mentor JQ.