Brand New adds Lena Park as 3rd special guest for “BrandNew Year 2014″

Lena Park, also known as Park Jung Hyun, will be joining Brand New Music artists at the BrandNew Year 2014 stage this coming December 7th. Ahead of their 6th family concert, hip hop label Brand New Music has been revealing additional special guests to their already impressive line-up. After having added Swings and After School’s Raina, R&B artist Lena Park was revealed as the 3rd guest.

Though having grown up in the US, Lena Park released her first Korean album “Piece” in 1998. It was quickly followed up with a second album called “A Second Helping” eight months later. Her latest Korean release dates back to earlier this year, as she released “Syncrofusion” last June.

Brand New Music will be holding their 6th family concert at the end of the year. Titled BrandNew Year 2014, the concert will be taking place at the Olympic Hall on December 7th. Tickets for the concert are available through Interpark.

Source: Brand New Music