BrandNew Music releases video teaser for new family single “Brand New Day”

BrandNew Music has released the teaser for their upcoming family project, a single titled “Brand New Day” featuring label artists Verbal Jint, San E, Phantom, As One, P-Type, Kanto and more!

The teaser, released on December 2nd, shows clips of every BrandNew Music artist, and several cuts from the label’s past family concerts. Fans look forward to these family concerts every year, since it is a chance to see many artists participate in one show. This particular concert on the 7th is being highly anticipated however, since it will feature special guests including After School’s Raina and R&B singer Lena Park.

In addition to this, it is rumored that Kim Gura’s son, Kim Dong Hyun, will make his official debut on this stage as MC Gree.

BrandNew Music has stated, “Everyone has shown so much support in the past for our family single projects, so they are probably looking forward to ‘Brand New Day.’ We hope that they will be able to feel the vibe of the new track through this teaser video. Please give us your love and support once again for ‘Brand New Year Vol.3 – Brand New Day’ which will release on December 5th.

“Brand New Day” is produced by Verbal Jint, and it is BrandNew Music’s third family single project. The single will be released through online music sites on December 5th, as part of promotions for the label’s upcoming concert on December 7th, BrandNew Year 2014.

Source: 10asia