Brave Girls’ Hyeran shares a sexy dance cover to “Fallin'”

As part of the “Covered By Brave” series, Brave Girls member Hyeran shows fans a sexy dance cover to Park Soo Jin‘s winter hit, “Fallin’.”

Hyeran is dressed in a simple but attractive outfit, donning bleached jean shorts and a white shirt with a loose red flannel button-down to finish the look. Her deadly heels accentuate her long, slim legs as she shows off her fluid and alluring dance moves.

The idol exudes a sense of confidence as she dances to the R&B ballad track. Her focused expression and unwavering gaze draw viewers into the dance she performs. Although the cover does not run the duration of the entire track, Hyeran’s smooth moves follow the moving chorus by Park Soo Jin’s sweet vocals.

Upon watching the impressive choreography, fans could not help but plead for the group to make a comeback.

Check out her dance cover here: