Brian Joo reveals he had flirtatious encounters with Gummy while she was in a relationship

In a recent appearance on MBC talk show Three Wheels, Fly to the Sky’s Brian reveals that he hit on Gummy without knowing that she was in a relationship. 

Although it was revealed in February that singer Gummy has been in a relationship with actor Jo Jung Suk for about two years, it appears that not everyone was aware. During his appearance on Three Wheels, the Fly to the Sky singer admitted that he had hit on Gummy, only to be given the cold shoulder.

The singer recalled, “At the time, I was in a concert with Gummy and I hit on her without knowing she was in a relationship. Gummy showed no interest in me so I jokingly asked her things like, ‘What do you think about a man like me?’ and ‘Do you want to marry me?’. Then one day Hwanhee told me to stop because she’s in a relationship. I felt so sorry because I didn’t find out until the last day of the concert.

Netizens were surprised with the singer’s sudden confession. On OSEN, fans left their opinions regarding the amusing story and their surprise at Gummy’s popularity.

1. [+4,853, -39] Gummy is so popular with male celebrities

2. [+4,235, -39] Gummy must be a femme fatale. Why do men like her so much?

3. [+259, -4] I went to Gummy’s concert once and the way she talks is so cute. Unlike her image, she has tons of aegyo ㅋㅋ

4. [+170, -4] I heard unlike her intimidating looks, she’s rather feminine and nice… and has a great body.

Source: OSEN