Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA and Gain go head-to-head in a sexy and cute dance battle on “Weekly Idol”

With their comeback promotions in full gear, Brown Eyed Girls made an appearance in the popular MBC Every1 show Weekly Idol where they took part of several fun segments.

Aired on November 11th, one segment featured a dance battle between the members of the group with Round 1 featuring JeA and Gain in a sexy dance battle.

Gain was the first to go up as she dances to her sexy solo part in the group’s recent title track “Brand New World,” pulling off the concept perfectly. JeA was the next up, first imitating Gain’s dance part and gaining a lot of laughter from the MC and her fellow group members.

Soon afterwards, JeA dances the same choreography as Gain but instead of exhuming a sexy appeal, her performance had everyone giggling. She continues to bring about laughter in the next round in the cute pose battle as her aegyo had everyone embarrassed.

Check out the clips below: