Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul reveals “You From the Same Time” MV teaser

On February 2nd, Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul shared a video teaser for his upcoming solo single project, “You From the Same Time.”

As previously noted, the members of the ballad vocal group will be releasing individually sung tracks for the next few months. Naul will be kicking off the project with his deep track.

The music video teaser begins with a bright flame, mirroring the explosive nature of Naul’s vocals. However, as the flame burns out, the drafting of a handwritten letter and soothing piano bring the video teaser to a close.

Furthermore, the main actor of the music video was Yoo Seungho, giving many watchers a pleasant surprise as he interpreted the heart-wrenching emotions of burning old letters in his lonely room.

The track will be officially released on February 5th so stay tuned until then.

Check out his video teaser here: