Brown Eyed Soul’s Sung Hoon unveils touching “I Love You” MV

On April 17th, Brown Eyed Soul’s Sung Hoon became the next member to release his solo track titled “I Love You.”

This track follows the successful release of Naul’sYou From the Same Time” which topped charts with its emotional melody and moving story and Young Jun’sThink of You” featuring Gary.

In Sung Hoon’s solo track, he takes a slightly more retro ballad concept with an old school instrumentation. To accompany the elegant track, the music video features Dancing 9’s Kim Seol Jin.

“I Love You” cuts between the heartbreaking scenes of a lonely wanderer and the expressive choreography designed to match the rises and falls of the track.

The modern dancer also starred in NU CHEN’s “Unending Tears” music video earlier this year.

Fans can expect Jung Yup to release his solo project track soon, but until then, take a listen to Sung Hoon’s vocals here:

Source: Sports Chosun