Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun releases video teaser for “Thinking Only of You”

On March 24th, Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun released a short video teaser of his upcoming music video for “Thinking Only of You.”

The video, which runs for approximately 20 seconds, features a male character working in a kitchen. At first, the worker appears to be just idling around and eating tofu, taking a rather large bite out of a chunk while no one else is present in the kitchen.

Just a moment later, however, he is seen getting ready to go to work, and quickly prepares a beautiful tofu dish with careful precision. Not much of the track is heard during the short video teaser, but a small portion of the song can be heard as the video ends, revealing the singer’s soulful voice and the song’s light tone.

The story behind the music video looks very interesting, and with Young Jun’s unique voice, the track, which is set for release on March 27th, will definitely be something to look forward to. Make sure to check out the short video teaser for Young Jun’s “Thinking Only of You” below!