BTL release Vol. 23 and 24 of “Shocking the Limit” webseries

BTL released volumes 23 and 24 of their charming and hilarious vlog series, “Shocking the Limit.”

Beginning their short series back in August, BTL has been releasing videos very often in order for their fans to delve into the lives of the stars. On December 29th and 30th, BTL released volumes 23 and 24 for “Shocking the Limit” featuring funny moments from the boys’ every day lives.

In volume 23, the members of BTL played a game in silence where they needed to draw an image out with their hands. However, the game seems to fail due to the miscommunication between the person behind the camera and the members. Nevertheless, the members appear to be enjoying their time together off stage.

Meanwhile volume 24 centers around BTL member Max who displays his charms and humor in the video. Attracting all the camera time to himself, Max shows his face to his fans close up and asks the fans “Can you see me?” in multiple instances.

Check out the two episodes below: