BTOB covers Red Velvet and G-Friend songs through their crazy antics on “Today’s Room”

Male idol group BTOB is the latest artists to guest on Mnet‘s Today’s Room, completing various missions including a karaoke challenge that had them sing to their junior’s hit tracks.

Aired on October 28th, member Hyunsik was the first up to sing, choosing Beenzino‘s “Aqua Man” and was briefly joined by Eunkwang. He gained an amazing 91 points on the karaoke machine at the end of his performance!

Peniel was next up, randomly choosing Red Velvet‘s current hit track “Dumb Dumb”! Showing enthusiasm for the track, he along with the members go crazy at the repetitive hook “Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb..” As Peniel continues his outrageous singing, the other members can be seen acting hilariously in their own self-cameras – Changsub in particular. Amazingly enough, Peniel is awarded 81 points.

Eunkwang slows the party down with his ballad track “So You” by Yarn, but Changsub doesn’t forget to entertain by lipsynching and making hilarious facial expressions to Eunkwang’s voice. He’s unable to beat Hyunsik as he is awarded 87 points.

It’s finally Changsub’s turn as he takes on G-Friend‘s “Me Gustas Tu” which he continues to sing in a very extravagant but entertaining way with his endless expressions. Despite the hilarious offkey singing, he’s awarded 92 points!

Check out this crazy performances below. You’ll have to watch this over and over again just to catch everyone’s antics!