BTOB pre-releases “You Can Cry” MV off new comeback album

On December 5th, BTOB revealed the music video for their new winter single “You Can Cry,” getting everyone ready for the Christmas season!

In fact, “You Can Cry” is a pre-release track off BTOB’s upcoming new album that is expected to be out in mid-December. It will be yet another great song from the group with the gentle sweet vocals from the vocal line, coupled with self-written rap lyrics by the rapper line. They also cleverly added a line from the familiar Christmas tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”!

The lyrics of “You Can Cry” sing about how people who are single spend their Christmas alone, holding the theme of “Everywhere you go there are couples, I’ll be the only one dying from loneliness.” While singers typically go with Christmas carols and sweet loving songs befitting the festive season, BTOB takes on the unique route of singing about the loneliness.

Beforehand, leader Eunkwang, along with members Hyunsik and Peniel had already teased their fans with concept images through their personal Twitter accounts, even hinting the name of the song. It was then confirmed by Cube Entertainment on December 2nd through an official announcement that they are preparing for a new track release.

Youngest member Sungjae is also preparing to reunite with Big Byung for variety show Hit Maker Season 2.

Source: Sports World