BTOB recites “The Winter’s Tale” to fans in new MV

BTOB has finally unveiled their music video for their title track “The Winter’s Tale” on December 22nd, having released their winter mini-album simultaneously as well. 

Peniel starts off the video with a narration, “Awhile back, there was the happiest couple in the entire world. However, it was said that their love could not last forever. I wonder how the two are spending their time together,” as the camera zooms onto the snow globe in his hands.

In a widescreen format, the adorable members of BTOB dance to the sweet winter song in an outside park, bundled up warmly in their coats and winter wear as the snow falls, as the story of the couple is unveiled. The group’s cute and silly side is also revealed as they wear their Disney costumes consisting of Winnie the Pooh, Goofy, Donald Duck, Tigger, Pinocchio, Stitch, and Mickey Mouse.

Check out the fun winter track and music video below!