BTOB releases additional jacket images and “The Winter’s Tale” video teaser

The boys of BTOB unveil their adorable charm, releasing the first video teaser for their upcoming winter album The Winter’s Tale, along with additional jacket images for it.

Featuring a soft effect on the video, Peniel begins the video teaser with an English narration, “Awhile back, there was the happiest couple in the entire world. However, it was said that their love could not last forever. I wonder how the two are spending their time together.”

As he narrates, the remaining members of BTOB join him, bundled in thick white coats in the snowy, gray park. As he ends his narration, the camera zooms towards a snow globe held by Peniel, shots of a shadowed couple viewed thereafter.

BTOB will be releasing their album The Winter’s Tale on December 22nd at midnight KST, and will be promoting the track “You Can’t Cry (The Winter’s Tale).”

Check out the teaser and their additional concept images below!