BTOB releases behind the scenes footage for “The Winter’s Tale”

BTOB released an entertaining behind the scenes video for their latest music video, “The Winter’s Tale.”

Upon their recent release of their music video, “The Winter’s Tale,” the boys displayed their fun experience filming in their latest behind the scenes video in addition to their recent release of behind the scenes photos.

Sitting back and relaxing, the members of BTOB are dressed in their cartoon inspired costumes which also appear in the music video itself. The members of BTOB put on one piece costumes from some of Disney’s popular cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Pinocchio. The members take turns making jokes and fooling around during the break in their filming.

Additionally, the young girl from “The Winter’s Tale” was also present, capturing the attention of the members of BTOB as they tried to entertain and play with her.