BTOB releases tracklist to upcoming album “The Winter’s Tale”

With less than a week left until the release of their winter special album The Winter’s Tale, male idol group BTOB has released the full tracklist for their upcoming album.

The first track on the album is the pre-released track “You Can Cry,” composed and written by Jerry.L and Han Hee Jun, with BTOB’s Minhyuk and Ilhoon responsible for the rap.

Unlike the first track’s title, Track 2 reads as “You Can’t Cry,” and is composed and written by members Hyunsik and Ilhoon, who in addition to Peniel, also wrote the rap.

01. You Can Cry
Composed, Lyrics by Jerry.L, Han Hee Jun
Arranged by Jerry.L
Rap Making by Minhyuk, Ilhoon

02. You Can’t Cry
Composed, Lyrics by Hyunsik, Ilhoon
Arranged by Hyunsik, Ilhoon, Son Young Jin
Rap Making by Ilhoon, Minhyuk, Peniel

03. Drop
Composed by GOOD LIFE
Lyrics by GOOD LIFE, Minhyuk, Ilhoon
Arranged by GOOD LIFE
Rap Making by Peniel

04. Drink!
Composed by Hyunsik, Ilhoon
Lyrics by Ilhoon, Minhyuk, Peniel
Arranged by Hyunsik, Ilhoon

05. Because of Christmas
Composed by Son Young Jin, FERDY
Lyrics by Son Young Jin, FERDY, Ilhoon
Arranged by Song Young Jin, FERDY
Rap Making by Minhyuk, Peniel

The Winter’s Tale will be released on December 22nd at midnight KST.