BTOB says acting is not easy in “It’s Okay” MV behind the scenes film

BTOB has released their second behind the scenes footage from the music video filming of “It’s Okay,” focusing on each member’s drama scene!

Since the group is currently promoting with a ballad track, Cube Entertainment decided to test the members’ acting skills for the main music video instead of their normal flashy dance performances although a dance version music video was recently released as well.

The seven members shot their acting scenes separately in different locations, where Ilhoon played a radio DJ, Eunkwang a student, Minhyuk an unemployed worker, Changsub a chicken deliveryman, Hyunsik an artist, Peniel a fireman, and Sungjae a hiker.

Although Eunkwang had attempted being a musical actor in Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, he still acknowledged the difficulty of acting and praised Sungjae and Minhyuk who have acted in dramas.