BTOB shares 2015 season’s greetings with personal message

BTOB has shared a special 2015 season’s greetings with fans, spreading the holiday cheer with their exciting and energetic video.

The boys are surely ready for the holiday season as they are dressed in wintery clothes ranging from red and green plaid patterns, Santa Claus outfits, reindeer accessories, and more.

After a cheerful introduction, the members give a brief recap, stating that although they were busy with their “Beep Beep” comeback and Hello Melody concert, they had a great time with fans and are anticipating the coming year.

This season greetings to fans serves as a gift to welcome in the new year as they wait for the boys’ new works.

Meanwhile, the group recently teased fans with a highlight medley for their upcoming holiday single, “The Winter’s Tale.”

Check out their warm greetings here: