BTOB takes a look into the “Future (Tomorrow)” with short Japanese PV

In the music video for their latest Japanese single, Cube Entertainment male group BTOB takes a trip into an animated world to serenade a girl. 

As the female lead for the music video sits on a bench under a cherry blossom tree, the seven members of BTOB find themselves in an animated world filled with clockwork gears. The members take turns singing lines of the light-hearted song while standing in different parts of the foreign world.

As the video goes on, flashes of the female lead appear, highlighting her beauty. Several members also don white suits for the video, as they reminisce about the beautiful girl.

While the short version of the music video is already out, the album and full PV for BTOB’s newest Japanese release “Future (Tomorrow)” will come out on March 25th. For now, you can check out the short version of the PV below!