BTOB tries different genres in comeback medley audio teaser for tracks 7 through 13

With just six days left to their comeback, BTOB released an audio teaser for tracks 7 through 13, the second half of their comeback album, Complete.

As this is BTOB’s first full-length studio album, fans can expect the thirteen tracks to cover several different genres, from pop to R&B to acoustic.

In particular, track 12 is an acoustic throwback version of their debut track “Insane,” where Eunkwang and Hyunsik‘s clear and crisp vocals in the teaser make fans want to listen to the full track. Track 13, “Everything’s Good,” has also been revealed to be a solo by main rapper Ilhoon, as he showcases his rare singing voice.

As seen in the album’s tracklist, the group’s members have actively participated in the production of this album, be it writing, composing, or arranging songs. Several sets of teaser images have already been released, so now what fans can look forward to are the audio teasers for the first half of the album, as well as a music video teaser for the ballad title track “It’s Okay.”

BTOB’s Complete album is scheduled for a release on June 29th at midnight KST.