BTOB’s Peniel covers Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”

On January 6th, BTOB’s Peniel released a video of him taking on the challenge of covering Jason Mraz’s hit track “I’m Yours” from 2008!

Normally part of the rapper-line in the group BTOB, Peniel shows a different side of him by singing a full cover of the English song. Born in Chicago, Peniel shows off his fluency in English in his singing, showing clear articulation and confidence as it is a language that he has mastered.

While Peniel humbly says that there is still much space for improvement, Peniel asks for people to listen well to his singing.

For this cover released in BTOB’s special show I Will Be Your Melody – Season 2, numerous listeners have commented with praise for Peniel’s unexpected singing performance and voiced out hopes for Cube Entertainment to give him more lines in future.

In other news, Peniel is also the latest K-Pop artist to create a public Snapchat account, while the group BTOB is still promoting for their The Winter’s Tale album.