[★VIDEO] BTOB’s Peniel joins humorous dance battle on L.A streets

Besides spending time with his family over a short vacation back in America, BTOB member Peniel shows that he is having fun with an impromptu dance battle on the streets!

Early last week, after ending promotional activities with BTOB for title track “The Winter’s Tale,” Peniel returned to reunite with his parents in Chicago, where he grew up. Through his instant updates on his Snapchat account and Instagram, Peniel showed that he is happy spending quality time in America.

After a few days, Peniel then flew to Los Angeles to meet his newly-born nephew and recorded in the recording studio with his brother-in-law producer.

Through his latest Instagram video, Peniel showed his attempt at robot dancing. To the slow tempo music, he moved his limbs with a sense of humor as he challenged a professional robot dance artist face-to-face, possibly on the streets of Los Angeles.