BTS charms viewers in latest teaser for Naver Starcast’s “Completely Random Game”

In the midst of promotions for their latest comeback with “I NEED U,” BTS has released a teaser video for their upcoming episode on Naver Starcast.

As the video begins, leader Rap Monster greets viewers and introduced the upcoming series while the rest of the members attempt to capture the attention of both their leader and the camera in the background.

Naver will be releasing the official BTS Completely Random Game on May 27th through Naver Star Cast. The game will rely on chance alone and promises to be unpredictable and hilarious. They even described that their fans’ mental state will change through the following steps:

Step 1: Wow! They are playing ordinary games. This is cute~
Step 2: Wait, but why am I playing so intensely? Do I really have to put in this much effort to win the game? 
Step 3:
Omg! I am so into it! I can’t get out of it!
Please publish the next episode right now!

While the exact details have not been revealed, it seems that the completely random game will be interactive with the fans and ARMYs can look forward to many fun moments as the boys attempt to complete the game.

Source: Naver