BTS’s Jimin and J-Hope think their MV is “Dope” in self-reaction video

Following the promotions of their B-track “Dope,” BTS members J-Hope and Jimin sat down to watch their music video and released a reaction video.
While many K-Pop fans release reaction videos, a group reacting to their own music video often brings more laughs and behind-the-scenes stories. The two excited members of BTS released their own reaction video for their latest release and their satisfaction with the final cut is extremely apparent.

The two compliment their members on their acting and overall choreography often saying, “Oh he did well,” and poke a bit of fun at their expressions, especially of rapper Suga whom they referred to as their “blonde friend” throughout the music video.

However, when their own parts come up, the two can’t help but smile and nudge each other at how well it turned out as Jimin consistently complimented the “red haired guy (Jimin)” while J-Hope seemed to favor the “Race car driver (J-Hope).”

ARMYs now that you’ve reacted to their initial music video, it’s time to create a reaction video for their reaction video and watch as Jimin and J-Hope are all smiles in their new Bangtan Bomb.