[★VIDEO] BTS playfully dance to Park Boram’s “Beautiful”

Members of BTS hilariously dance and sing to Park Boram’s “Beautiful” on their YouTube segment BANGTAN BOMB.

On November 13th, BTS revealed a video of the members passionately singing and dancing to Park Boram’s “Beautiful” as they waited backstage, on BANGTAN BOMB. Known to be extremely playful, V, Jimin, and Jungkook comically shake their bodies in exaggerated movements, later fervently swaying side to side in sync as Block B’s Zico’s rap lines were heard. The video then cuts to J-Hope, who entertains with his high-pitched singing, ending it with an intense stare.

This isn’t their first comical video, as they have previously taught fans the proper way of taking selfies. But they haven’t been slacking either, as the group has recently released a music video for their Japanese version of “Danger”.

Check out their video below!