BTS reveals wake-up call service featuring J-Hope

BTS recently revealed J-Hope‘s version of their alarm ringtone for their official fanclub, A.R.M.Y.

Planning to reveal individual wake-up call audio clips, BTS released their first message on January 16th, kicking off with J-Hope’s message. Starting using a dreamy voice, J-Hope quickly transitions into screaming as he beckons his fans to wake up from their slumber.

J-Hope first speaks as if he were waking up himself saying, “Please wake up” in Korean. After a slight pause he screams in English, “WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” which was followed by laughter in the background.

Experiencing Visa problems during the recent 29th Golden Disk Awards, BTS’ Jungkook was unable to attend the show. Nevertheless, BTS continued with their scheduled performance while also receiving an award for the Golden Disk in Album Division.