BTS shows off their “Boys Over Flowers” style in “Bangtan Bomb”

In the latest episode Bangtan Bomb, the boys of BTS (Bangtan Boys) shows off the style from the hit Korean drama Boys Over Flowers as they pose coolly for the camera while the familiar OST sings “Almost paaaaradiseee” in the background.

In the video revealed on February 17th, camera director J-Hope sings the OST while Jimin demonstrates his chic, chaebol charms as he leans against the open doorway, and then later relaxes in a lounge chair. When V walks out onto the veranda, he seems apathetic by J-Hope’s rendition of “Paradise.”

After a close-up with BTS rapper Suga, J-Hope wraps up the video with his own dramatic self-camera shot as he fixes his hair.

Check out their spontaneous parody!