BTS drops third entry to its short film series, “STIGMA,” ft. V

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for! Part three is here!

On Wednesday, BTS dropped part three of its “WINGS” short film series. The third entry features member facing abuse and getting arrested for vandalism. The song featured in this new segment sounds emotional and haunting.

Once again, this new video is full of symbolism and raw emotion. The story seems to follow V through a life of abuse and rebellion. Similar to “BEGIN” and “LIE,” connections can be made between “STIGMA” and previous BTS music videos. Some fans are even making connections to BTS’s “Danger” music video from 2014! Fans are thinking that Big Hit Entertainment has been creating a bigger story since the beginning.

This week has been wild for ARMYs everywhere with BTS dropped its short film videos out of nowhere as well as a the Japanese edition of YOUTH released on September 7th. Many fans are hoping for a BTS comeback, but nothing has been confirmed yet. #STIGMA was also a worldwide trending on Twitter on Wednesday following its release.