BTS’s Jimin Is Making Fans’ Hearts Explode With Recent Concert Pictures

Fans are in awe with his beauty.

BTS‘s Jimin has fans on the floor with these new concert photos. Fans are especially in love with his “Dionysus” outfit, which shows off some major skin when he raises his arms.

Some fans are shocked with the tattoo on his ribs, with some wondering if it’s real or fake.

Fans are shocked with just how beautiful he looks even when just standing.

Fans are also in love with Jimin’s “Serendipity” outfit, loving his half-white half-black button up. Fans are saying that he looks like the galaxy. Well, he is the stars of ARMYs eyes!

ARMYs are also in love with his swag during “MIC DROP”. Fans can’t help but love his confidence, loving the addition of the bucket hat to his look.

And fans were even more in love when he removed the hat and showed off his mochi-face.

The cherry on top? When he wore this suit. Fans couldn’t help but love how dapper he looked and how elegant his aura was.

Source: The Qoo