BTS’s Jin Can’t Stop His Cute Habit Of Carrying Around Stuffed Animals

Now we can’t imagine him without one!

BTS‘s Jin, despite the fact that he is the oldest of the group, has an interesting habit of carrying around stuffed animals.

Here are some of the many times he’s been seen carrying these fluffy things around.



Even in chic black outfits, Jin stands out with his bright stuffed animal.


In instances where he doesn’t have an animal, he will use whatever is around him. In this case, his blanket.



He’s even starting to look like the stuffed animals he carries around with him.




Here is Jin in his natural habitat, using a stuffed animal as a pillow.



Also in his natural habitat, with his furry friend on top of his head.



If he’s not carrying one around, he’s wearing a shirt with a character on it.



Showing his love for Mario even during performances.



A mario sticker has been found on his suitcase as well.



His earphones even have the star on it from Mario.



Look how he excited he is!



His night light is even from the Mario series.



He just can’t contain his excitement and love for his stuffed animals.



It would feel weird to see Jin without a stuffed animal now.





During an interview, his mother once asked him to write on Twitter that he didn’t like Super Mario due to the overflow of Mario presents at his parent’s house.





I think it’s safe to say that regardless of how many he has, Jin will continue to collect his furry friends for a long time to come!