Bumkey releases MV for “My Everything”

After Brand New Music released the teaser for Bumkey‘s newest track “My Everything,” they released the animated music video for the track on June 19th.

As Bumkey’s soothing vocals went hand in hand with the beat of the track, the music video included the lyrics, which appeared on the screen. In addition, the animated music video included a story line while Bumkey sang “I’d rather have hard times with you, than good by myself cause you’re my home, my joy, my life, my everything.”

Although Bumkey released a new track, he was placed under arrest for suspicion of trafficking drugs last year, while the fourth trial for his arrest took place on January 26th.

Meanwhile, Bumkey is scheduled to hold his first concert Bumkey & Friends on July 11th and will feature special guest appearances from Verbal Jint, San E, Troy, and more.